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eSadar Prowasher 360

eSadar Prowasher 360

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While the eSadar Handy Washing Machine has many of the same specs as the previous generation but when it comes to cleanliness of clothes, there are some new features in it.  Individually no single feature is a massive leap forward in the washing industry, but collectively they represent a notable and substantial difference over the simple Handy Washing Machines.  This section is mostly focused on these new features, while the remaining sections take a deeper dive into the core functions of the machine, as well as touch on these new features in more detail.

Unbreakable: Probably the most notable item is that the eSadar Pro Washer 360 is unbreakable and there is no need for a separate care, just unlike the other handy washing machines.  In fact, it has nearly the same robust material inside too.

What is one major noticeable difference is the Spiral Pulsator Wheel, which spills near to zero or very less water outside the bucket. 


Prowasher deals

Now this won’t easily pop-off any other PoS options in place, but, one must try to get a best deal is to reach eSadar directly by reaching them via a Whatsapp message to 88888-12345. eSadar does sell the Prowasher via Online Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. I can guarantee you that if you compare the price only you will lose this nice appliance, as the other provides price only and lacks the quality.

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Light Switch:

The eSadar Handy Washing Machine have the illuminated Light Switch on the side, which makes aware of the on/ off condition of the machine. Infact, only eSadar Prowasher is the only model in the entire market which comes with this kind of switch.  If you compare it with other models in the market, the other machines actually lacked such Light Switch.  This was one reason that the eSadar Prowasher was actually a more day to day favorite of mine than any other machine.

However, the LIGHT SWITCH acts and feels significantly MORE IMPROVED IN PROWASHER than ANY OTHER MACHINE.

Prowasher is having a Pure Copper Winding in its Heavy Duty Motor, which gives full throughput at 1000+ revolutions per minute.  Along with a useful Sprial Pulsator, it also have a ergonomic handle to carry the machine.

You can also notice a Inhouse clamps which save the clothes from getting torn as it does in the other Handy Washing machines available in the market.  Only the eSadar Handy Washing Machine comes with a Inhouse Clamps.

On the entire back side of the machine one can easily see various steel screws to lock the machine, unlike in other machines which comes with Iron screws, which spoils the clothes by getting the clothes stained with the iron rust.

All of this is of course waterproof as well.  Though, it won’t work underwater.  For that one’ll need a Water proof machine which may come in future.

Speaking of Cleaning of clothes, in general I found it works too well when dry either.  Especially if your clothes are wet, it all goes to clean clothes within a minute and never fails to fulfill one’s expectancy.

You can turn this machine on/off, either directly or using a illuminated Light switch which is available on right side of the machine. The machine comes with a operating manual in English language..

But…I expect, the in future eSadar will definitely produce machines which may clean clothes within seconds.  I found that Prowasher clean almost the average dirty clothes within a time span of 3 minutes which is much less when compared to the cleaning time taken in Semi Automatic Washing Machines or Fully Automatic Washing Machines. Once you start the machine you may found that the clothes got clean even in less than 2 minutes

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Usage details

Ahh yes, video time.  No better place to start diving into features using the video coverage.  In many ways the Prowasher is similar various other Handy Washing Machines, but the Quality of the machines is really un-comparable as after all, it is the only machine which has a full copper motor which produces revolution os more than 1000 RPM.  The machine looks beautiful – no doubt.

So what’s new and notable here?  Well we’ll start with the video.  Technically this machine is the most superior model in the entire Handy Washing Machine range available in the market.  With Spiral Pulsator Wheel this essentially spills very less water which not only saves water but also saves detergent.

To clean clothes, you’ll require a good detergent   The detergent can be powder based or liquid base detergent.

What’s even more interesting though is the ability to clean the clothes from almost any kind of dirt within 3 minutes.  If you check, ProWasher is the only option which do this within such time levels

All of these were simply taken at room temperature; obviously aspects like environmental temperature will impact things considerably, as will other modes and increased cleaning timings.  But those give you some basic bounds to work within.

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Cleaning mode:

While the eSadar Prowasher doesn’t offer any more complicated wash programs, but it does offer a option wherein we save lots of time when compared to Other Washing options like Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic Washing Machines.

Now there are technically different washing modes in every type of washing machine, but in Handy Washing Machines it’s the usage time with which we have to judge the to cleanliness of the clothes.

That’s the basic differences. Again, both the models of eSadar Prowasher 360 are very good, and you won’t go wrong by using either of them.  For me, I prefer the eSadar Prowasher 360-Yellow because I like the Yellow frame up and for that I’m taking a photo/video of.  Whereas the eSadar ProWasher 360-Red is a sober lined up.  Sure, you can use any one of them if color doesn’t matters to you.

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Our score: 9.8/10

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